Petcube: Wi-Fi Pet cameras

Pet cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your beloved cat or dog (or pets). For most people, we have a million and one things to do, like grocery shopping or perhaps going to work and hiring a dog sitter or nanny for your pet can be a very expensive process. A great way to bypass this is through the use of pet cameras. One example of pet monitors are the Petcube cameras which are great to monitor, interact and tend to your pet virtually when you are away.

You can monitor your pets through the audio facility included as well as the 1080p HD video whilst you are away from home, just to check up on them or make them feel loved. The camera itself has a beautiful design which is compact, 138 wide angle view and comes with 3 x 3 x 3 dimensions. It has a rubber casing ensuring it is slip-free and a standard tripod mount which means it can be placed a horizontal surface or shelf, or even be positioned slighter above ground with the reasonably sized tripod. Other than being able to monitor or converse with them, the Petcube pet camera is great for also being able to have some playtime with them. The built in laser facility is a great toy which is certified as a safe functionality for humans and pets.

Another added advantage is the Petcube Care system that can also be utilised through your smartphone and connected to the pet cameras. The smartphone function allows for a sound and motion feature which alerts you of any major events that might be happening at home when you’re not around. The background noise also gets filtered so that you are alerted during important moments only. You can choose a quite mode as well when you do not want to be disturbed. In essence, the Petcube Care platform is a cloud platform for video sharing. You can also get as far as 30 days of timeline history of your pet. This way if anything pertinent happens, not only will you be made aware, but you also have a record of it somewhere. You can make sure your pet is safe as well with these pet cameras.

Petcube Pet cameras

You can place cameras in many different rooms and you can pair the Petcube play camera with the Petcube bites pet camera which allows you to take care of your pet in different ways, as the cameras have individual functions. One camera will speak or interact with your pet and another to give them some treats or rewards. The Petcube app will also allow you to zoom in on any details as well allows for night vision viewing as well. The beauty of this pet camera monitoring system is that you can also share access of the pet video cam with friends, family and those on the Petcube network.

In order to ensure your pet is safe, it would be wise to go and invest in a pet camera such as the one from Petcube. You will not regret it!

Alternatives to AutoUnpack

AutoUnpack is known to be a freeware utility software. It is a simplistic interface that is great for the process of downloading, repairing and unpacking of RAR, zip-, TS- archives or any splitted files too. There are however different alternatives to the AutoUnpack software, such as:

Auto Unpack


Free software with open source and it can be used on any computer including those in a commercial setting. The fact that you don’t need to register or pay for 7-Zip is great. It has localization for over 87 languages and is a powerful file manager. 7-Zip also contains a self-extracting capability for the 7z format.


Stands to be a great archive manager and back up data as well as the size of the email attachments, however, unlike 7-Zip it can only be trialled but must be bought for full software use. WinRAR can decompress files in different formats from the internet as well as create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.


Primarily, it supports windows operating software with fast compression with a multi-core. It can extract in over 30 formats including the RAR/RAR5 subtypes. The Bandizip software can also do a file integrity check text to verify whether an archive is damaged or not. It can be downloaded for free.

File Roller

File Roller is another archive manager for GNOME which runs on Linux and BSD based platforms with translation capabilities for many languages such as Arabic, Ukrainian and Portugese. It can view and modify archives as well as extract the files from the archives.


WinZip file manager is another example of a software similar to AutoUnpack and is capable of unzipping different file formats, allows for zipping of large attachment files and it also protects them with banking-level encryption. You can also manage and access your files on the computer, network and your clouds. It’s easy sharing functionality means you can access Google Drive, Drobox, OneDrive and also many other platforms similar to these.

B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver compression utility software is user-friendly and free. It’s usability stretches across many different operating softwares including windows, Linux, Mac as well as Android. It is also similar to AutoUnpack and works with split archives. It can support most popular formats and ensures safety standards are maintained by never storing any personal information.


Xarchiver is a command line archiving software for the Linux and BSD operating systems only. It can support quite a few different formats and can compress large media files like audio or video-based files.


You can compress, exchange, encrypt or backup your data with this system which supports over 60 compression formats. PowerArchiver also has a fast ZIP/ZIPX engine with backup as well as cloud capabilities. The software also included a secure FTP client with all the features making it safe. The cloud functionality allows you to access 6 different platforms without needing to download them.

There are a huge variety of similarities to AutoUnpack, but for most part based on the information above, they are all potentially better alternatives which should be explored.

Atom Vs Sublime Text

There are many IT development tools are available in the market today. For every developer in the world, the most important thing for their work is a text editor that best fits their needs. There are many text editors come and go without being able to grab the attention of developers. The only useful tool which was used by many developers around the world was Notepad++. It offered lots of coding features and yet it was free. As time passed, more and more developers leaned towards Sublime text editor. After the successful release of Sublime text editor, another text editor Atom was launched which grabbed the attention of developers at once.

The ideal way to find out which text editor is best for you is to evaluate their features with one another. Here we are going to compare both the mainstream text editors so that you can decide which best fits your needs.



Atom text editor was launched two years ago by Github. Atom is modern yet hackable text editor. This is an effective tool to do anything in a customized mode without touching the config file. Atom is free of cost and open source text editing service which can easily be installed on Windows, OS X and on Linux devices. There are many attracting features of Atom such as:

  • Free of cost
  • 6,452 themes and packages to choose from
  • Suggestions mode (Autocomplete and intellectual suggestions)
  • Git integration (as it is developed by GitHub)
  • Tree view and settings view (drag/drop file folder support)
  • Capable of configuring using JSON file
  • Ability to add additional features
  • Overall it looks nice

User ratings of Atom are 7.8/10. Overall, the atom is a great tool for those who are looking to customize a tool which can work easily for them. Although it has some performance issues still it is a best text editor especially for newcomers in programming and coding field.



It’s been 8 years that sublime text editor is helping developers all around the world. It has nearly 10.86 Million users till now. One of the most compelling features of sublime is that it is very friendly to use if you are an amateur in programming and coding. Unlike atom, a sublime text editor is not free and cost you $70. It’s just one time charges and you can use it forever. It works on OSX, Windows, and Linux. According to a survey in 2016, sublime is 3rd most popular text editor among developers. The main key features of a sublime text editor are:

  • Works faster (unlike Atom which does have some performance issues)
  • Numerous themes and packages to choose from
  • Command palette
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Instant project switch option
  • Sublime linter
  • GitGutter
  • Sidebar enhancement feature

Overall, sublime is a fast and reliable text editor. Overall review is 8.2. Both atom and sublime are good text editors but if currently, you are using sublime, we would not recommend you to use the atom as there is no such feature which is not available in sublime and yet it is more reliable and fast.

Oculus Rift Vs. HTC Vive: Which One Is Better?

The conventional virtual reality era has begun in 2016 with the launch of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Since then, both of them had undergone many upgrades and features enhancement processes. Finally, you can have high-end virtual reality system in your homes. Buying a desktop VR headset for your home is a big decision as they are highly expensive devices. Make sure you have a PC capable of plugging these high-end devices in; otherwise, we won’t recommend you to buy one.

Here we are going to compare both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive so that you can decide which one you want to invest in.

oculus rift

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive- Specs

As far as specs of both the headsets are concerned, they nearly have similar specifications. Both offer 110 degrees field of view with 1080×1200 resolutions per eye. Both of them works on Intel core i5-4590 or equivalent with compatible HDMI 1.3 video output. However, Oculus rift works on 8GB +Ram and HTC Vive needs 4GB+Ram to work on. Oculus Rift’s tracking area is 5×11 whereas HTC Vive tracking area is 15×15. So the only slight differences found between the specs of two are of sensors and of tracking area.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive- Graphics and absorption

Both Rift and Oculus have two OLED displays that run at 1200 and 1080 pixels each so you won’t notice any considerable change between the resolutions of two. More or less, what you will see depend on the quality of your graphics cards and CPU. Both the headsets handle tracking is totally different. The HTC Vive has two base stations and a plethora of sensors located at its front, whereas rift use only one sensor that also rests on your desk. As far as object absorption is concerned, Vive really lets you go in the virtual world and touch the objects in real. On the other hand, rift depends on its bundled Xbox One controller.

htc vive

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive- Design and comfort

Gone are the days when we used to wear heavyweight headsets. Now both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are quite sleek and lightweight. Oculus Rift is even more refined looking with compact design whereas and HTC Vive is also lightweight but it’s technically heavier than Oculus Rift at around 555g without headphones. Oculus Rift, on the other hand, is 470g
including headphones. The bigger and heavier design of HTC Vive also brings some advantages such as you can move the lenses forward and backward towards you face by using lens distance knob. Oculus Rift also have this option but there is no handy knob is available to support this feature.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive- Price

Not to forget to mention the prices of both the headsets, Oculus Rift is way cheaper than HTC Vive. Oculus Rift is available for $400 whereas HTC Vive retails at $600.

While both the companies are continuously working to enhance the features of their devices, LG has also shown interest in HTC Vive for its game delivery and VR management. So we hope to have another competitor in the market soon.

Why l like new Windows 10

With constant changes in software and technology developing faster, we often get stuck in our own ways and hate the new changes or updates to the platforms we use. Being a Windows user, I have been keen to explore the new Windows 10 software. To my surprise, Windows 10 carries a few benefits that many could benefit from and the updates are worth investing your time in.

Windows 10

5 reasons why I like the new Windows 10:

One operating software: One of the greatest things about this software is that is it free and the upgrading procedure is pretty straight forward, meaning it is user-friendly. But aside from this, the ability to consistently get any potential updates for the Windows 10 software is unlimited. You can keep getting updates on the software as long as you have Windows 10. This is very different to some softwares where there are no automatic updates given. You can also use Windows 10 across other media outlets, for instance, easily switch from a Windows 10 computer to a phone or tablet and the features are more or less the same. This is one operating software which allows you to switch between their devices with no trouble at all.

Cortana: We all know the famous, ‘Siri’, which is Apple’s voice assistant on iOS based devices. Cortana is the Window’s equivalent which can help you keep a track of files or search through your devices with vocal commands. Whilst Cortana cannot be uninstalled from Windows 10, Cortana can be disabled if you do not want the voice assistance. This is definitely an advantage of the Windows 10 system as you cannot usually disable search assistants on the devices that easily.

ContinuumIn our fast-paced world, we all hate carrying around bulky devices and additional hardware like keyboards or mice. Continuum however, solves that problem as every user can switch from devices to touch screen functionalities very easily. This is also great if you have a tablet and suddenly realise you need to type a long piece of work. It would be very easy to attach a keyboard to the tablet and get working.

Windows Hello: More often than not, all the devices and platforms we get into require a password of some kind. This can become quite cumbersome when you have to remember numerous different passwords for accounts and that’s where Windows Hello comes in. Windows Hello eliminates the need for passwords and pincodes by using a biometric methodology of authentication. Windows 10 taps into infrared sensing and through a specialist camera it can allow for facial recognition making it much easier to get into your devices.

DPI: DPI stands for Dots per Inch and usually when the software is blown up onto a bigger screen, the resolution of it reduces significantly, for instance, projecting onto a large screen from a computer. The beauty of Windows 10 is that the DPI is well maintained, making the resolution great when viewed on larger screens.

Windows 10 is worth the upgrade and should be considered if you are planning on embracing positive change.

Auto Unpack

AutoUnpack is a freeware utility that can be used to automatically download, repair, and unpack all RAR-, 7z-, zip-, TS – archives, or splitted files (e.g. *.001). Which is especially useful for usenet binaries.

auto unpack

Auto Unpack Version 4.5.2

Normally people will start QuickPar while downloading (or afterwards) to verify whether the downloaded files are complete and to repair them if necessary. Then it is time to extract the downloaded files with WinRAR or 7-Zip . Finally they will delete the RAR and PAR files. So a couple of actions have to be performed by the user. AutoUnpack can automatically do this for us as follows:

  1. While downloading files from usenet, start AutoUnpack and tell it which folder it should monitor (your download folder).
  2. AutoUnpack analyzes this source folder to search for PAR2 files. It uses them to verify the downloaded files that belong to them. If some files are incomplete or missing and there aren’t enough PAR2 repair blocks available, the program will show how many blocks are missing. It will analyze the folder again later (10 minutes for example).
  3. If enough PAR2 repair blocks are available AutoUnpack will repair the missing or incomplete files (if necessary).
  4. AutoUnpack will verify whether the repair was successful. If so, it will unpack the archive to extract the files.
  5. Finally AutoUnpack can remove the RAR and PAR files after extraction.

Easy! Just start your download and start AutoUnpack as well. If all files or if enough PAR2 repair blocks are available, AutoUnpack will do the rest. It is able to repair all files in a PAR2 set, including MP3 files for example. It is able to unpack RAR archives but also splitted files ( 001 files).

AutoUnpack Features

  • E-Mail an NZB file of your favorite movie, and AutoUnpack will make sure
    it gets downloaded (with your favorite usenet reader), repaired, and
    unpacked before you get home in the evening..
  • Par2 support
  • RAR support
  • Unzip support
  • 7z support
  • Splitted files support
  • Transport Stream (TS) support
  • Moving of non-archive files, in a par-set, to a destination folder (mp3’s, jpg’s etc)
  • Intelligent file processing (it remembers what archives were already processed. If no new files are found for the archive, the archive will be skipped).
  • Separate input and output folders possible
  • Delete archives on succesful unpack (including .par2, .nfo, .nzb, .sfv files)
  • Unpack to a sub-folder, using the archive’s name
  • Automatically remove incomplete archives (and par files), that are older than a
    certain number of days
  • Automatically remove empty folders (recursively), from the input folder, as well
    as the output folder
  • Loop function (it can restart after a certain amount of time (processing the newly
    downloaded files)
  • Public interface, so it can interact with usenet readers. This enables them to determine if
    it is needed to download more par2 files..
  • And a lot more..