Alternatives to AutoUnpack

AutoUnpack is known to be a freeware utility software. It is a simplistic interface that is great for the process of downloading, repairing and unpacking of RAR, zip-, TS- archives or any splitted files too. There are however different alternatives to the AutoUnpack software, such as:

Auto Unpack


Free software with open source and it can be used on any computer including those in a commercial setting. The fact that you don’t need to register or pay for 7-Zip is great. It has localization for over 87 languages and is a powerful file manager. 7-Zip also contains a self-extracting capability for the 7z format.


Stands to be a great archive manager and back up data as well as the size of the email attachments, however, unlike 7-Zip it can only be trialled but must be bought for full software use. WinRAR can decompress files in different formats from the internet as well as create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.


Primarily, it supports windows operating software with fast compression with a multi-core. It can extract in over 30 formats including the RAR/RAR5 subtypes. The Bandizip software can also do a file integrity check text to verify whether an archive is damaged or not. It can be downloaded for free.

File Roller

File Roller is another archive manager for GNOME which runs on Linux and BSD based platforms with translation capabilities for many languages such as Arabic, Ukrainian and Portugese. It can view and modify archives as well as extract the files from the archives.


WinZip file manager is another example of a software similar to AutoUnpack and is capable of unzipping different file formats, allows for zipping of large attachment files and it also protects them with banking-level encryption. You can also manage and access your files on the computer, network and your clouds. It’s easy sharing functionality means you can access Google Drive, Drobox, OneDrive and also many other platforms similar to these.

B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver compression utility software is user-friendly and free. It’s usability stretches across many different operating softwares including windows, Linux, Mac as well as Android. It is also similar to AutoUnpack and works with split archives. It can support most popular formats and ensures safety standards are maintained by never storing any personal information.


Xarchiver is a command line archiving software for the Linux and BSD operating systems only. It can support quite a few different formats and can compress large media files like audio or video-based files.


You can compress, exchange, encrypt or backup your data with this system which supports over 60 compression formats. PowerArchiver also has a fast ZIP/ZIPX engine with backup as well as cloud capabilities. The software also included a secure FTP client with all the features making it safe. The cloud functionality allows you to access 6 different platforms without needing to download them.

There are a huge variety of similarities to AutoUnpack, but for most part based on the information above, they are all potentially better alternatives which should be explored.