AutoUnpack Features

  • E-Mail an NZB file of your favorite movie, and AutoUnpack will make sure
    it gets downloaded (with your favorite usenet reader), repaired, and
    unpacked before you get home in the evening..
  • Par2 support
  • RAR support
  • Unzip support
  • 7z support
  • Splitted files support
  • Transport Stream (TS) support
  • Moving of non-archive files, in a par-set, to a destination folder (mp3’s, jpg’s etc)
  • Intelligent file processing (it remembers what archives were already processed. If no new files are found for the archive, the archive will be skipped).
  • Separate input and output folders possible
  • Delete archives on succesful unpack (including .par2, .nfo, .nzb, .sfv files)
  • Unpack to a sub-folder, using the archive’s name
  • Automatically remove incomplete archives (and par files), that are older than a
    certain number of days
  • Automatically remove empty folders (recursively), from the input folder, as well
    as the output folder
  • Loop function (it can restart after a certain amount of time (processing the newly
    downloaded files)
  • Public interface, so it can interact with usenet readers. This enables them to determine if
    it is needed to download more par2 files..
  • And a lot more..