Petcube: Wi-Fi Pet cameras

Pet cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your beloved cat or dog (or pets). For most people, we have a million and one things to do, like grocery shopping or perhaps going to work and hiring a dog sitter or nanny for your pet can be a very expensive process. A great way to bypass this is through the use of pet cameras. One example of pet monitors are the Petcube cameras which are great to monitor, interact and tend to your pet virtually when you are away.

You can monitor your pets through the audio facility included as well as the 1080p HD video whilst you are away from home, just to check up on them or make them feel loved. The camera itself has a beautiful design which is compact, 138 wide angle view and comes with 3 x 3 x 3 dimensions. It has a rubber casing ensuring it is slip-free and a standard tripod mount which means it can be placed a horizontal surface or shelf, or even be positioned slighter above ground with the reasonably sized tripod. Other than being able to monitor or converse with them, the Petcube pet camera is great for also being able to have some playtime with them. The built in laser facility is a great toy which is certified as a safe functionality for humans and pets.

Another added advantage is the Petcube Care system that can also be utilised through your smartphone and connected to the pet cameras. The smartphone function allows for a sound and motion feature which alerts you of any major events that might be happening at home when you’re not around. The background noise also gets filtered so that you are alerted during important moments only. You can choose a quite mode as well when you do not want to be disturbed. In essence, the Petcube Care platform is a cloud platform for video sharing. You can also get as far as 30 days of timeline history of your pet. This way if anything pertinent happens, not only will you be made aware, but you also have a record of it somewhere. You can make sure your pet is safe as well with these pet cameras.

Petcube Pet cameras

You can place cameras in many different rooms and you can pair the Petcube play camera with the Petcube bites pet camera which allows you to take care of your pet in different ways, as the cameras have individual functions. One camera will speak or interact with your pet and another to give them some treats or rewards. The Petcube app will also allow you to zoom in on any details as well allows for night vision viewing as well. The beauty of this pet camera monitoring system is that you can also share access of the pet video cam with friends, family and those on the Petcube network.

In order to ensure your pet is safe, it would be wise to go and invest in a pet camera such as the one from Petcube. You will not regret it!