Why l like new Windows 10

With constant changes in software and technology developing faster, we often get stuck in our own ways and hate the new changes or updates to the platforms we use. Being a Windows user, I have been keen to explore the new Windows 10 software. To my surprise, Windows 10 carries a few benefits that many could benefit from and the updates are worth investing your time in.

Windows 10

5 reasons why I like the new Windows 10:

One operating software: One of the greatest things about this software is that is it free and the upgrading procedure is pretty straight forward, meaning it is user-friendly. But aside from this, the ability to consistently get any potential updates for the Windows 10 software is unlimited. You can keep getting updates on the software as long as you have Windows 10. This is very different to some softwares where there are no automatic updates given. You can also use Windows 10 across other media outlets, for instance, easily switch from a Windows 10 computer to a phone or tablet and the features are more or less the same. This is one operating software which allows you to switch between their devices with no trouble at all.

Cortana: We all know the famous, ‘Siri’, which is Apple’s voice assistant on iOS based devices. Cortana is the Window’s equivalent which can help you keep a track of files or search through your devices with vocal commands. Whilst Cortana cannot be uninstalled from Windows 10, Cortana can be disabled if you do not want the voice assistance. This is definitely an advantage of the Windows 10 system as you cannot usually disable search assistants on the devices that easily.

ContinuumIn our fast-paced world, we all hate carrying around bulky devices and additional hardware like keyboards or mice. Continuum however, solves that problem as every user can switch from devices to touch screen functionalities very easily. This is also great if you have a tablet and suddenly realise you need to type a long piece of work. It would be very easy to attach a keyboard to the tablet and get working.

Windows Hello: More often than not, all the devices and platforms we get into require a password of some kind. This can become quite cumbersome when you have to remember numerous different passwords for accounts and that’s where Windows Hello comes in. Windows Hello eliminates the need for passwords and pincodes by using a biometric methodology of authentication. Windows 10 taps into infrared sensing and through a specialist camera it can allow for facial recognition making it much easier to get into your devices.

DPI: DPI stands for Dots per Inch and usually when the software is blown up onto a bigger screen, the resolution of it reduces significantly, for instance, projecting onto a large screen from a computer. The beauty of Windows 10 is that the DPI is well maintained, making the resolution great when viewed on larger screens.

Windows 10 is worth the upgrade and should be considered if you are planning on embracing positive change.